How to find the top trader at ayondo

Want to know how to find the top trader at ayondo? Read on and learn to pick the right traders between thousands of different traders, by filtering and choosing trader based on your criteria.

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To find your personal top trader follow this Step-by-Step guide.


Step 1: Find Top Traders

To see the complete ranking list of all traders, click at the navigation bar “Find Top Traders”.

Find the Top Trader at ayondo


Step 2: Detailed Search

To focus your search switch to the “Detailed Search” tab. Otherwise selecting the right trader could be very overwhelming between thousands of traders.

Select your Top Trader at ayondo


Step 3: Time Period

In the menu “In this time period” you can choose the time horizon you want to analyze. “1 year” shows you the past performance of traders with at least one year trading history. Trader with a longer and consistent performance are more likely to perform good in the future as trader with a short trading history of “1 month”. So the past performance of 1 year is a good indicator to discover your top trader.

Time Period ayondo top trader


Step 4: Careerlevel

Ayondo categorize all traders in different careerlevel. At the beginning of his career the trader start as a street trader and need to prove himself to reach the highest level as institutional trader. Every stage has different criteria and the trader has to keep his risk in check to reach the next level.

Careerlevel ayondo

We only focus at the trader with green and blue flags, because they already reached the professional up to institutional level. These traders had a minimum of 25 completed trades in 90 days, no larger drawdown than 20,0% and at least 4,0% performance since the start of their career.


Step 5: Balance

With this option you can choose between trader using virtual or real money. It is a widely held opinion that a trader with real money tend to be less riskier than virtual money trader. Nonetheless many good traders use virtual money to keep a cool head. By this psychological trick the trader avoid thinking to much about money.

Balance find your top trader


Now after setup up the general settings, we dive deeper into detail of our top trader search.

Advanced Trader search

Step 6: Performance

Choose the minimum past performance of the trader you want to follow. Start with a wide range and not only focus on trader with a very high performance. More to that topic in Step 7.


Step 7:  Max.Drawdown

For a beginner very important. Many people only focus on “good performance” and not taking the risk into account. To protect your account against a bankrupt, you should not follow trader with a drawdown above 20%.


Step 8: Sharpe Ratio

Sharpe Ratio is a ratio to measure risk-adjusted performance. You won’t really need to know how to calculate all of this. Ayondo’s software will do all the work for you. Just keep in mind, a high Sharpe Ratio is better than a low one. Look for trader with a Sharpe Ratio greater than 1.


Step 9:  Num. Trades

Our goals is to find traders with a long performance record and consistent profitable results. This is intended to prevent, that the trading results are only luck. With a long performance record – at least 100 trades – it is more likely, that the trader has an edge in the market.


Step 10: Traded within the last

To detect inactive traders, set traded with the last 31 days. Using this feature you can avoid following an inactive trader in your portfolio. With the not invested money you can follow other traders and profit if they do.


Step 11: Show

Click “Show” to see the updated ranking list of your top trader.


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