How to find a top trader at ZuluTrade


Want to know how to find the top trader at ZuluTrade? Read on and learn to pick the right traders between thousands of different traders, by filtering and choosing trader based on your criteria. 

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Strategy 1: Capital growth – less risk

Within this Strategy it is not the target to get rich very quickly in the shortest time as possible. Considerably more we want to gain profits constantly and slowly over time. For that reason we have to find traders with specific properties.
Go to ‘Traders > Advanced Search’

Here you could set up your settings. The picture below shows an example.

ZuluTrade advanced search

Important criteria are:

  • trading their own money
  • have live traders subscribed
  • have been rated by traders
  • Running weeks a minimum of 24
  • low drawdown (< 20% and MAX DD pips 500)


As you see We are not interested in any profits so far. Our primary goal is to manage our risk.
In the next step we have to analyse the trader we would like to copy.


Step 1: The Profit Trend

Profit Trend

You could see a clear uptrend in the profits over a period of 10 month. Also there is no big drawdown and he always just open one trade at the time.


Step 2: Ratings

ZuluTrade Rating

With a rating of 78% this trader rank among to the top traders at ZuluTrade. By now 139 traders with a real money account rate him.


Step 3: consistently

Pips per Month

In the performance tab you can see how consistently the traders gain profits over time. Are there large swings or month with a great loss? Azar Consulting had only one breakeven month otherwise the results are consistently good.


Step 4: Communication


Another point is the communication between the signal provider and the follower. Although you will never know exactly what the trader is thinking, nevertheless it is a great benefit to know what is the intention behind the trades. Besides the communication clearly shows which trader care about the money of his follower.


Step 5: Slippage

ZuluTrade SlippageWhat does that mean?

The Slippage chart indicates average slippage based on the statistics gathered from various brokers. Slippage occurs when the trade results of a live follower, are less than the trade results of a signal provider. This can happen because of different feed between a signal provider and a live follower account, or due to execution latencies. The smaller the bar on the chart (of a broker), the better are the results on a live account, comparing to the signal provider’s statistics on that specific broker. Longer bars show poorer results on a live account comparing to the signal providers results.
The conclusion can therefore drawn that AAAFX is the best and FXOPEN ECN the worst for this signal provider. But this can vary from trader to trader.


Step 6: Statistics

Following ZuluTradeWining ZuluTrade TradersDrawdown ZuluTrade

On every trader profile you can see some key statistics. For example the amount following could be a good indicator for a serious trader. But be careful some trader have a lot of money under management, but they are not careful with your money.

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