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How to find a top trader


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How to find the right traders?

At the beginning of you Social Trading career you should define your goals clearly.


Why this is so important?

Based on this decision you have to check your investment strategy. As basic rule keep in mind “The more you could gain, the more you have to lose”. So the risk always related to your gains. (see graphic below)


find top trader


Capital growth – „conservative“

  • pros: steady growth
  • cons: a long-term process


Speculative activity – „aggressiv“

  • pros: rapidly capital increase
  • cons: complete loss and large drawdowns



Some general criteria you should pay attention: The Five Finger Technique


How to Choose a Top Trader To Follow - Social Trading


Return: Profit in %, Average win Trade, consistent of results

Risk: Max Drawdown (< 500 pips), Max Open Position, Stop Loss usage

Popularity: Live follower subscribed, ratings or awards

History: at least 12 weeks (better 12 month), recommend with at least 100 trades

Effectiveness: Slippage, Average Trade Time (avoid Scalper)





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