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How to open a Live Account with ZuluTrade


Step 1: Visit ZuluTrade


Open a Live Account with ZuluTrade



Step 2: Select a Broker – AAAFX

+ We recommend AAAFX, for the reason they have the lowest Slippage and give you a 10% Bonus on your first deposit.

Open a Live account with ZuluTrade


Step 3: Fill out your Personal Information:

Account Type: Individual

+ How to access your account: click ZuluTrade

+ For Identity Information use your passport or government ID.

+ Tax Number: Enter it if you have one, otherwise just enter N/A

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Personal Information AAAFX

Personal Information AAAFX 2


Step 4: Financial Information

+ For security reasons they have to ask you these questions.

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Financial Information

Financial Information 2


Step 5: Statement Agreement

+ Accept the Terms (after you read them)

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Statement Agreement


Step 6:  Completion (Attach application documents)

+ Identification Documents: Upload the files directly or send them later to

+ Proof of your Identity: Upload a copy from your Passport or Government ID

+ Proof of Address: Submit a copy of a valid (not older than 3 month) utility (electricity, phone bill …)

+ Don’t forget to click the upload buttons

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Attach application documents


Step 7: Verify your Account

+ Check your E-Mail to Verify your Account

+ Missing the E-mail? –  Please check your spam folder

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Verify your Account



Step 8: Fund your Account to start

+ start with as little as $300 and get an incentive bonus of $30

+ we recommend a min deposit of $1000 to diversify between different signal provider

+ all major credit cards and bank wire transfers are accepted

Bonus on deposit with AAAFX


Bonus details:

incentive bonus aaafx


Fund your account now


After uploading all the required identification documents and fund your account, you get your ZuluTrade account details within 1-2 days.


What’s next:

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Need Help or Questions? 24/7 Live Support

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